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What kind of discussions did you have with the writers or producers about Sara’s sexuality on Legends?

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Before I ventured into writing this post I figured bisexual identity was simply something that larger Gay and Lesbian organizations and communities tolerated, or outright condemned.

QWOC Media Wire touched on this in our post “Bro’s Before Ho’s” but we only just scratched the surface because there’s just SO much more to talk about.

“Everything we’re doing — the origin story — is completely different,” Lotz says. In your mind, what’s the distinction between these two personae? Before, as Canary, she really didn’t have a specific purpose, she didn’t know what she was doing. Imagine that everything that could go wrong goes wrong.

Vulture spoke with Lotz in between filming scenes for the series’ tenth episode in Vancouver to find out more about Sara 2.0. She was trying to do something with her life and her skills. At some point you just gotta go, “Fuck it.” So I think that’s where Sara is.

Lotz’s Sara was such a fan favorite that Legend’s creators — the same team behind Arrow and Flash — resurrected her for the new show via the mystical Lazarus Pit, which has left Sara with a taste for blood.

Unlike Sara, White Canary originates in the DC Comics world, but the similarity ends with the name.

Sara Lance — played by Caity Lotz (Mad Men) — is the sister to Laurel Lance and a former assassin who went by the moniker Canary.

She’s also formerly dead, as she was killed off in the premiere of Arrow’s third season in 2014, before the Legends pilot was picked up.

And now, as the White Canary, yes, she’s trying to be a hero, but she also has a very specific purpose [in hunting down Savage]. Sara definitely doesn’t seem as hard on herself as she was on Arrow, at least in the first two episodes. We definitely see that complicated, weighted Sara, because she’s still dealing with the bloodlust [from the Lazarus Pit resurrection].

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