Berkeley dating ideas

You can’t go to Jupiter without leaving saying, “wow, I’d love to be taken on a date here.” It’s golden, people.

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Living on a college student budget can be tough — so going on expensive dates can be close to impossible.

Thankfully being romantic doesn’t equate to being wealthy. Here’s a list of some great places to take your Berkeley date that will not only keep your money in your wallet but will show you a great time, too. UC Botanical Garden The garden offers a beautiful and romantic date setting that is absolutely free.

Nothing spells out “terrible date” more than an inability to cooperate, or make fun out of almost nothing.

This’ll be an easy way to weed out the ones who you just don’t get along with.

And when you’re done eating, you can go for a walk until there’s no land left, and catch the sunset. It’s a rocky path to the edge of the water, but the perk is if you fall, your date will Looking for an evening that’s a little more casual and little more introductory?

Head to Victory Point and grab a board game, then get to know your date over some friendly competition.

Cost: Free Take a picnic, take your pepper spray, or simply take yourself. Show your date the first place you ate dirt when walking to class freshman year (mine would be next to Stanley), or the place your favorite flowers grow in April.

Have them show you some of their favorites as well. Cost: Free When the roses are in season, North Berkeley’s Rose Garden is the perfect place to relax.

Remember all those times you were out with your pals, relaxing in a super cool location, and you thought to yourself, “damn… As someone who constantly scouts locations for the perfect date, I am here to be your guru.

this would make a cute date spot.” But then, alas, when it’s time to go an actual date (people do that? Dim lighting, a waterfall, and a cute outdoor patio make this spot number one on literally any list.

Plus, you can spend six innings anxiously wondering if you’re gonna be on the kiss cam, then breathe a sigh of relief when you’re not, then have lingering disappointment because you weren’t (relationships are emotional roller-coasters, people.) Cost: ~/person Grab a couple sandwiches from Ike’s on Shattuck, then catch the 25 bus down to Albany.

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