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Founded in 2006, Freedom Firm works to Rescue minors who have been sold into the commercial sex trade, Restore their identities, and seek Justice against those who perpetrate these crimes.

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There will be two huge rocks on the right side of the trail and which will lead to the top of Makalidurga Fort.

The trail has an abundance of overgrown grass and plantations which makes it very important to trek carefully.

It is a beautiful hill surrounded by a lake on the west which looks like the South American continent.

A railway track passes through the base of the hill which makes this trek even more interesting.

Using hidden cameras, our investigators identify victims as well as the brothel keepers, pimps, and traffickers.

They document the crime, and then submit this information to the police.

Towards the west of the hill, a lake which is similar in shape to the map of the south American continent can be seen after reaching midway.

A huge monolith structure on the right side is where most people lose the trail.

To explore more on the hill go downhill from the other end of the hill.

It will connect the railhead as well as the base of the other hills around the majestic Makalidurga Hill.

Watch out for the double arrows on the huge piece of rock from where a left turn will guide the way towards the fort.

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