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On record they sounded slick while on stage they were a grungy angry-girl outfit.

This led to the largely founded suspicion they were a manufactured band lacking the crucial element of street cred.

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All of them are real antique maps dating back to 1850s.

They’re all color-coded in light pinks and blues, which makes them look even more of a collection together," Belinda says.

We want our home to reflect our own personalities and design styles.

Thankfully, we’ve made home on a budget, with Joe’s [handiwork] we can pretty much custom-make any furniture to fit our tiny home.” And all of that custom work is well worth it — the couple’s airy and ideally quaint home inspires both Belinda and Joe’s professions with its simple beauty.

Besides picking up each other’s annoying little habits, we are learning to grow and develop as a couple together in life and design style," Belinda says.

"Thankfully, our vision for our home was fairly similar, making it much easier of a process to make home.

"We optimized space by getting a drop leaf table that can extend to a full four-sitter if needed," Belinda says.

"Honestly, I think that’s a huge player in helping us make the most of our space.

They’ve since embraced those changes and are loving their space.

“Our house is fairly small, so our living room (also dining room and kitchen) needed to be maximized in space simply because we’d wouldn’t have room otherwise.

We wanted a rustic industrial touch, while keeping it fairly minimal and clutter-free, with a little bit of an indoor urban jungle." "We’re especially fond of our map wall.

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