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If that is the case with the uploaded resource file, and the valid code is specified, that is what we use.

This article outlines our support for language codes and explains some important aspects regarding ISO codes, exceptions and legacy encoding. When importing the resource file into the lingohub project, we try to detect the language for the file If the detection fails, the language can still be chosen from the list.

The language information should be specified by the language code.

action=Frs Release Browse&frs_package_id=6397 Language: Belarusian (be-BY) Coordinator: Dennis Hermatski Contact: pandenitz (at) Download Language Pack:

action=Frs Release Browse&frs_package_id=6398 Language: Bengali, Bangladesh (bn-BD) Coordinator: Ashikur Rahman Contact: ashikurrahman068 (at) Download Language Pack:

For example, for Switzerland (CH), where the official languages are German (de), French (fr), Italian (it) and Romansch (rm), these are combinations that we support: de-CH, fr-CH, it-CH, rm-CH. For migrating deprecated codes (those that were removed from the standard list at some point) to their valid alternatives, this page can be consulted.

Some resource file formats make it possible to define the language code of the associated language within the file.

action=Frs Release Browse&frs_package_id=6407 Web site: Dari Persian (prs-AF) Coordinator: Saeed Ghamary, Milad Safajuy Team Members: Milad Safajuy, Saeed Ghamary, Moein Rezaei, Mohammad Mohammadi 5 more contributors.

Short description: Maintenance, support, translation and distribution for Joomla!

action=Frs Release Browse&frs_package_id=6523 Web site: Flemish / Vlaams (nl-BE) Coordinator: Frank Joris Team Members: Wim Vandekerckhove Contact: frank.joris (at) Download Language Pack:

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