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If you just happen to be blonde with blue eyes you probably won't even have to try playing nicey-nice with the girls here because they'll make the first move to get to know you.Hey, even you ginger daywalkers might be in with a chance of scoring here.

It’s not that you can’t find 19-year olds to date, but dating them is usually way, way more work than it's worth.

Also, the older girls have often had enough experience with the local guys to realize that an older American, Canadian, or European man is something really special.

Basically, many of them are a bunch of Casanovas with egos writing checks their asses can't cash.

Now, of course that can happen with men from any country.

Re-read all of those negative statements in the paragraph above.

Do you believe that any TWO women in your past would describe you with any of those terms?

So, you are a single man and you have decided you are interested in checking out the ladies in Colombia.

You are probably considering visiting Medellin, Cartagena, or Bogota. They all are easy to get to from the United States and have good hotels, restaurants, nightlife, and lots of beautiful women.

Think long dark hair, cinnamon skin, full lips, a lot of booty, and slim bodies. The obsession with appearance for Colombian women in other cities usually means meeting a lot of girls who've had plastic surgery, but that's not the case here.

Sure, there are still girls with fake boobs and asses, but they're not in the majority so there's very little "false advertising" going on.

It is a lot of fun and pretty common in international dating. Scanning tourist photos might lead you to believe that Colombian women are all very dark skinned, but that isn't the case in Barranquilla - it's mostly light skinned girls here.

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