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So you have decided to take a break from work and go for a vacation.

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Once you enter Perundurai town watch out for the signs indicating the direction to Kangeyam. The roads are good and traffic will be very minimal. You will pass by a small town by name Chennimalai on the way to Kangeyam. Hence please look for the signboards indicating the directions to Munnar.

Most of the mobile service providers don’t have coverage until you reach Munnar.

This way you could enjoy the scenic beauty of the lavish greenery en route to Munnar.

Bangalore to Salem via Hosur, Krishnagiri is an excellent highway and you would take approximately 3 hours to reach Salem.

The monkeys are searching for eatables and if you have kept something on the dash board and the windows are down they will take that and runaway in the fraction of a second.

Imagine a monkey snatching that fancy handbag from your wife and escaping into the woods :-).

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There are few check posts in this stretch and at each check post you will have to pull over and go to the guard room and write Driver Name, car registration number, number of passengers in the car, from where you are coming, your destination in the register kept at the guard room.

The duty officer may come and inspect the car as well. It is illegal to carry liquor across state borders.

That’s because your destination is situated approximately 1800 meters above the sea level in the Western Ghats.

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