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Have you ever noticed that the bands who metal nerds fawn over today were universally-despised rage magnets just a few short years ago?

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Or how everybody jizzes over Suffocation now, but in the mid-90s you couldn’t read two pages of without someone pissing and moaning about “Suffoclones.” Are metal nerds crazy, or is there some rhyme and reason to their seemingly-contradictory behavior??

I believe that there is indeed a way to understand metal nerds, but it’s not what you might think!

More recent bands who partly represent the genre are Autumn's Grey Solace, Tearwave, Ashrae Fax, Mercury's Antennae, Melodyguild, Faded Sympathy, Saigon Blue Rain, Scarlet Mother,) share some similarities (e.g.

the use of guitar effects such as flanger, chorus, echo, and delay), there are substantial differences between the genres.

Cult bands like Demilich or Cynic do not seem to be significantly more respected than artists like Judas Priest or Motorhead who are not very good, but very old.

It appears that age, more than anything else, is what determines if metal nerds are allowed to like a band.

Psychologists have long compared metal nerds to women.

The similarities are certainly undeniable: like the fairer sex, they are fickle, emotional, and irrational. However, my research suggests that, unlike women, they actually operate by a primitive form of logic and are highly predictable.

Shoegazing developed primarily from the 1980s' noise pop/indie rock scene and a conventional instrumentation, based on guitars, bass and drums.

Initially, drum machines were not a regular part of the shoegazing genre but a basic component of new wave, post-punk and gothic rock.

This is probably because the current crop of metal nerds liked them when they were in middle school.

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