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A few days ago I wrote an article describing how to create a worker thread for your Windows Forms.

Just recently a friend of mine brought to my attention that the .

In the case of an error, we print the error to the Text Box control and turn the background orange.

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The Background Worker class provides an easy way for a programmer to execute a time-consuming operation on a separate background thread while providing a simple way to communicate progress, completion and other information about the background operation to the thread which started the background worker (typically this is the UI thread).

The three events which we will concern ourselves with are: Repeat after me: Never ever alter your UI controls in your Do Work event handler.

Whenever the Report Progress method is called the Progress Changed event is raised.

This is where we update the Progress Bar control and the accompanying Label control.

With Worker Supports Cancellation set to true you can asynchronously cancel the background operation by calling the Cancel Async method.

If the Worker Supports Cancellation property is set to false, then a call to Cancel Async will result in an Invalid Operation Exception being thrown.So if the user decides that they want to scan through the first million positive integers for primes, but later decide that this is not what they wished to do, then the user has the ability to request that the background worker cancel the operation.The operation can be cancelled by simply clicking the button which invokes the Cancel Async method which in turn sets the Cancellation Pending property to true.With Worker Reports Progress set to true your code can call the Report Progress method to raise the Progress Changed event.Beware that if the Worker Reports Progress property is set to false, then a call to Report Progress will result in an Invalid Operation Exception being thrown.First, it is worth noting that things get hairier in console applications and Windows Services – I will briefly explain this a bit later.

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