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Personally, I was just wondering about the people who spoke to him.

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Hopefully the bird didnt have little mouths to feed. Also the reservoir staff keep close tabs on the birds, they were telling my friend about how many birds they have there and other things without giving sensitive information out.

It would be interesting to see the photos anyway, if only because this reads a little oddly. I'm also puzzled by this as I've never heard of Ospreys taking anything but fish.

If you are feeding hummers please be cognizant of what goes into their feeder.

Some people use city water, some use via a water softener/ conditioner/ reverse osmosis and some receive their water from wells.

He saw a dead Osprey which had been killed by an otter.

The bird had swooped down on the otter from behind with its talons out, but the otter managed to grab the osprey and I think it was bitten by the otter, which proved to be fatal.My friend didnt actually see the attack, but saw the dead bird.They have photos but I dont think there is any point in posting them.Thus, in our warm weather it is best to clean the feeder and replace the nectar every two-three days.This time of year whenever I am refilling feeders, I like to hold one for a few minutes and watch as hummers land and feed.Bird Forum is the net's largest birding community, dedicated to wild birds and birding, and is absolutely FREE!

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