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Around the same time, California laws regarding pornographic shoots grew more strict.

Since then, he has opened two other locations and sold two other franchises in Romania.

Last year, the company made a $1-million profit, he said. “People want to talk to American girls; they are viewed as top of the line,” Frunzetti said.

But that model began to crumble as websites like You Porn and Pornhub gained popularity.

Instead of depending on subscriptions or sales, those “tube” sites generally make money from advertising and let viewers watch porn for free.

By providing professional sets, technical support and coaching to a legion of up-and-coming “web camming” or “camming” models, the bespectacled entrepreneur hopes to profit from the new face of adult entertainment -- or what industry experts call Porn 2.0.

Earlier this month, Frunzetti opened a 14-room studio in a strip mall along Vine Street, just opposite the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Pickford Center.

On a recent night at Studio 20, Addison, a brunette with tattoos on her thighs, attracted a man into a private chat and he typed: “you can start by taking your top off.”When she did, the man wrote: “yum.”At the customer’s request, Addison took off her underwear and two other men quickly joined the private chat.

Mehmet Oz about the allegations that Charlie Sheen raped her son when he was 13 years old.

Within three years the annual number of permitted porn shoots dropped from 480 to 26, according to Film LA, a nonprofit organization that oversees permitting throughout L. Some of these performers say it’s a welcome change.

Tori Black used to work six days a week shooting sex scenes for films like “Penthouse Vacation” but now makes the same amount of money camming and dancing two or three times a week.“It’s so much easier on my body,” said Black, who films out of her home and uses Cam to stream her shows.

Black also said she feels safer camming than she did as an adult actress since she’s not exposed to sexually transmitted diseases or being asked to perform acts she doesn’t want to.“I know what feels good to me and nobody’s asking me to do more than that,” she said.

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