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It’s a common condition among people who work in the helping professions.

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Social Phobia can look very similar to Avoidant Personality Disorder.

Social Phobia has to do with being extremely anxious in social situations.

We also should be working toward tightening our gun laws, but that’s another topic which I won’t elaborate on for now.

Avoidant Personality Disorder is one of the more common personality disorders.

Compassion fatigue is the reason why there’s such high turnover in professions like social work, firefighting, police work, teaching, emergency services, and nursing.

When compassion fatigue begins to infect an entire country, and we all begin to psychologically wall ourselves off from the world and stop caring, such events become “normal” to that society, and we become less able to recover our national sanity at the one time we need it the most.

My only real concern was that the shooter had best be a white conservative or just someone who “snapped” under stress.

A month ago, a man opened fire on 500 innocent country music lovers in Las Vegas and 58 of them died.

I doubt I would have cried had that happened anytime this year.

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