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With i Push Pull’s Push function, all Excel charts and graphs are available for embedding.There is no variation for charts from the steps outlined in the first section, as it is published just like manual data.

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The only variation for live data from the above steps is that you need to select a different option in Excel when “pushing” your data to i Push Pull.

So instead of step 4, please do the following: Step 4b – Make your live data ready for the web Select the range of live data you would like to embed in your Word Press page and navigate to the Push button in the i Push Pull ribbon, click on the drop down arrow on the bottom half of the button. You can always Pause your updates, with the same button.

i Push Pull is a Saa S app that offers a premium Word Press plugin which connects Excel straight to Word Press.

It allows you to publish any data (live or static) that sits in an Excel spreadsheet and needs to be displayed in a Word Press page.

Once your data is connected, any changes you make can either update live automatically in under a second, or when you choose to manually release it at the push of a button.

Displaying data couldn’t be simpler, as you don’t need any HTML knowledge.

(For live data and charts please see appropriate sections below).

Step 5 – Activate the i Push Pull plugin in Word Press Next let’s activate the i Push Pull plugin in Word Press, which will allow you to display your data in your Word Press page.

You can publish league tables, jobs rotas, financial data, research charts or anything you like to Word Press without leaving Excel. Step 1 – Sign up to an i Push Pull account You will firstly need to set up an i Push Pull account, which can be done here.

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