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So you have someone, perhaps even me, create a website for you or at least a page on a directory of similar endeavors.

But now you want to be able to make simple updates yourself; for example, add a phone number or email address. In a Content Management System (CMS), the text and images for each page (known as the "content") are easily updated by using a web-based word-processor-style interface.

What if you have been asked to update a website and you do not have the username and password?

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To test it, just save something different (or in keeping with our example, your ever-changing favourite number) in and wait 10 seconds to see it change (or just change 10000 in the set Interval to 1000 to make it update every second!

) Obviously at the moment it’s still grabbing a static number from a text document, this can of course be changed to a simple PHP file that calculates any kind of function that outputs a value.

If you are not my client, a student, or a charity and find this document useful please make an appropriate donation or select one of the web hosts I recommend since I get an affiliate fee.

The internet has changed the way people get and exchange information.

You will need to create 2 files: (or name it whatever you like, just be sure to change the file name in the Java Script section also). It does this by using a GET (a computers way of grabbing a file/value) to the “reload.txt” file.

The value within this file is then updated to the HTML element with an ID of “truly Codes Favourite Number”.

You can find out that information by using a who is website, for example if they cannot get that information it will give you a URL.

Now, unless the information is private, you will see the various contacts on the account and something called name servers.

If the username and password do not work for FTP then try using them them to log into your control panel which is usually your url followed by /cpanel or /menu.

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