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"Through MQI, a man and a woman can get the whole picture of what each can bring to the table before they cross paths." As a non-biased third party, MQI has a team of matchmakers that meet each potential male and female to ensure they are safe, healthy, monogamous, financially responsible and ready to take on a new partner.

The initial interview process takes a few hours because it gives them an opportunity to truly get to know you.

Welcome to Perimeter We are pleased that you have chosen to visit our web site and we hope you will come and visit us in person as well.

She brought the baby girl on her third date with him, and they became a trio that now lives together.'I never want to get engaged or married, but I love sharing a life so much that it's embarrassing,' Shelasky wrote in her essay.

To single parents navigating the dating scene, she recommended: 'Date for the sake of romance and pleasure, for a night out as an adult, for delicious wine, for the time and space to breathe and feel beautiful...

Whoever I dated needed to check all my boxes, or bye bye.

'I had always liked flakey, creative, sexy-stoner type men... When you have no time and a baby, unreliable people are huge turn-offs.'Since welcoming her daughter into her life, Shelasky has found that she is less stressed about dating.'I never experienced the frustrations and anxieties of dating again, because I always knew I had her. 'But the reality is, I met my boyfriend shortly after she was born—he loves both of us so much and we adore him beyond imagination.'The writer met her current partner when Hazel was seven months old.

Over the course of her eventful love life, she found that she had real chemistry with 'difficult men', and while dating them was an enjoyable experience, starting a family with them wasn't in the cards.

But the writer, who is based in New York City, didn't want to wait for a man's 'permission' to become a parent, and thus conceived her daughter with the help of a sperm donor. I'd always be a flirt, always (for whatever reason) attract interesting men, I'd always love Love.

This will align your optimal emotional, physical and lifestyle needs in a partner.

By designing a blueprint of what you’re looking for in the right mate, and helping you create your own "autobiography", MQI puts you in the best position to find exactly the type of person you are looking for.

In fact, 57% of all their male members are dads themselves looking to find a new partner to love and combine families with.

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