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We are in essence the thinking outlaws, spreading a cure amongst people that is unwanted by the masses.

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But the burden of proof falls to those who fail to look for it, and thus the fight continues.

We watch as, like dominos, love falls apart at the hands of those who can’t reconcile the god/no god battle.

We struggle to get by, and give no thanks nor plead help from a divine source.

We give thanks to our fellow man, and help others without thought for reward, and hope for paradise. When it comes to dating though, we cross lines that can be hard, if not devastating to cross.

Atheists don’t stand on the same ground as theists, as we are well aware.

We are hated, cursed, discriminated against, murdered, and pushed out of the very core of society.The biggest offense though is saying we are closed minded because we refuse to acknowledge how there could be a grand designer out there just waiting to save us from ourselves.The problem is that from each side, the other looks a bit crazy. One side sees the delusion of the religious and the religious live happy and content with their delusion.Some atheists have just abandoned the faith and see no reason to believe.This doesn’t qualify as religion, but religion does, and explaining to someone who refuses to see how you are different, why you are different can be nearly impossible. Convinced that there is dogmatism in us all, and that we are controlled by some grand designer, whether by permission, or circumstance.It can be hard because you might not have been exposed to all the in’s and out of social life, and the social norms.

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