Asus mobile dating

Yes, the design is classic, but great progress has been made with the finish.The feel of the phone is pleasant, the fittings are secure (no grinding or popping) and the screws are well hidden.In short, Asus has done a great job and the device has nothing to fear from its competitors.

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A fingerprint reader is featured on the back panel. It can also be used to fulfill other actions, like returning calls or taking a photo.

This button isn’t circular, but rather, rectangular. Above the fingerprint reader, you’ll find the camera.

But what annoyed me the most is the large amount of functions and applications made by Asus that aren’t useful.

Particularly certain applications for clean-up and optimization, which uses up storage space and spams us with daily notifications.

Asus is part of a group of manufacturers that like to completely modify the Android interface.

On the Zen Fone 3, I found this to be its weakest point. The smartphone was initially rolled out with Android Marshmallow 6.0.1, for which there were few differences with Zen UI running Lollipop.

This space is quite limited because of the three buttons at the bottom.

Regarding these buttons, contrary to Samsung smartphones, Asus had the good idea to use Android logic (return button on the left, multitasking on the right).

If that’s the case for you, I advise you to opt for another model. Readability is excellent and the IPS screen offers an excellent contrast.

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