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We learn from the creation account (1) that God is a redeeming God who changes darkness to light, death to life, and chaos to blessing; (2) that God is absolutely sovereign over all life and all pagan ideas that would contend for our allegiance; and (3) that God works by His powerful Wordto create, to redeem, and to sanctify. "The section begins with a description of the creation of Adam and Eve and traces their sin, God's curse on sin, and the expansion of sin in their descendants.

Obedience to His powerful Word, either the written Word, or the living Word, our Savior, will transform believers into His glorious image." Genesis tells us what became of the creation that God described in :3. No longer at rest, mankind experienced flight and fear, making his way in the world, surviving, and developing civilization.

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Above and beyond asserting the fact of creation in much the same way it did for Israel, the passage provides an important theological lesson.

The believer enters into a life of Sabbath rest from works and embarks on a life of holiness in that rest. He then described what happened to the creation by recording significant events in the Garden of Eden, the murder of Abel, and the family of Cain.

B' Scene 6 (narrative): God is the main actor, man plays a minor role, the woman and the serpent are passive (-21). Adam would die because of disobedience, not because of the fruit of the tree.

A' Scene 7 (narrative): God is the sole actor, and man is passive (-24). Someone posted on their church marquee: "Forbidden fruits create many jams." "Adam was denied the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to test his obedience and prove that he was willingly under God's command.

The toledot statements contribute the major structural and conceptual framework for the whole Book of Genesis. From this point on there is a constant striving for the place of blessing, but still with each successive narrative there is deterioration, for Isaac and Jacob did not measure up to Abraham. It probably also encouraged the Israelites to anticipate the Promised Land. 9, 17) probably refers to man's ability to decide for himself what is best for him and what is not (i.e., wisdom). Both places reflected the glory of God's presence in their beautiful surroundings (cf. A covenant is a divine pronouncement by which God establishes a relationship involving responsibility.

Consequently at the end of Genesis the family is not in the land of blessing but in Egypt." God" of chapter 2 are the same Person. "It can hardly be a coincidence that these rivers, along with the 'River of Egypt,' again play a role in marking boundaries of the land promised to Abraham (Ge )." The trees in the garden were beautiful ("pleasing to the sight") and edible ("good for food"), an orchard for man to enjoy (v. The "tree of life" appears to have been a means, with its fruit, whereby God sustained Adam and Eve's lives. Similarities between the descriptions of the garden and the tabernacle are also interesting (cf. The relationship may involve Himself and an individual (e.g., Adam in the Edenic Covenant; Gen.

Verse 5 explains the original order of plant life, which did not yet grow as a result of rain ("no plant of the field had yet sprouted"). 2:8-15 Another indication of God's love and grace is that He placed Adam in a garden that He had prepared for him. The modern equivalent of the "Pishon" River is unknown for certain. The three universal covenants, which affect the whole human race, are the Edenic, Adamic, and Noahic Covenants. "In Judaism, from the very moment of origins of the Jewish people, marriage was considered to be the ideal state." Companionship replaced isolation. Jesus Christ used the same word (the Greek equivalent) to describe the Holy Spirit, who would help believers following the Lord's ascension (John , 26; ; 16:7). ); however, this does not mean ontological superiority or inferiority. "Since Adam and Eve were a spiritual unity, living in integrity without sin, there was no need for instruction here on headship." The ancient Near Eastern texts contain no account of the creation of woman.

Initially plants grew from the mist that arose from the ground (v. In other words, verses 5 and 6 apparently give the chronological sequence of mistplantsman, and the comment about rain was added because that is how plants grow now. yasar) means to shape or mold and implies that God deliberately did this with tender loving care. The God who was powerful enough to create the cosmos with a word (ch. Commentators have suggested that it was the Indus, the Ganges, a river of Arabia, or a river of Mesopotamia. All the subsequent covenants affect Israel primarily, though they all affect the rest of humanity secondarily. For companionship to be satisfying, however, there must be oneness in the marriage (cf. Self-centered living destroys oneness and companionship. "Helper" means one who supports us in our task of doing the will of God (cf. The word helper, used for God sixteen of the nineteen times it appears in the Old Testament, signifies the woman's essential contribution, not inadequacy." "Suitable to him" or "corresponding to him" means "equal and adequate." What was true of Adam (cf. Moses, however, devoted six verses to her formation compared to only one for Adam (2:7).

Their God had also created them as a nation, so they could look forward to the future with confidence.

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