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Some hosting companies include the OS and flexible contracts so I would make fit from your prespective.The market's pretty competitve for that type of site and there's no point throwing a lot of money at it until you get some useful metrics for your site IMO.

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As said, a lot of generalizations, the bottom line is: A bad programmer can break everything I agree with Pascal.

Go with what you feel comfortable with in completing the project and don't forget that YOUR TIME EQUALS MONEY. LAMP may be cheaper up front but if it winds up taking 1000 extra manhours, then suddenly it's more expensive.

So even though LAMP may be significantly cheaper (The SQL Server license is the heavy part in the WISC stack), after the first hacker attack or downtime, that initial savings may seem marginal compared to the damage. Technically, both have their pros and cons, but there are huge websites built on both stacks, so it really boils down to "Which platform can you reliably/comfortably setup and maintain?

" @Carlo: Both are equally vulnerable if setup by someone with no clue and equally secure if setup by an expert.

Linux and Windows both have holes here and there, and so do Apache and IIS.

As said, there are huge sites on both stacks and while there are differences, overall the pros and cons roughly equal each other.LAMP can scale, and so can WISC, but in both scenarios you need people who actually know the environment and who can secure it.If you don't know Linux and My SQL and PHP, how are you going to scale and secure it? If you don't know PHP, then it's a decision of "Not having the application at all" and "Having the application on an expensive stack", unless your partner of course decides to hire someone else to develop that.NET should be negligible or else I would question the seriousness of the effort.One argument for the Apache/My SQL/PHP stack is that it's available on most major platforms (Windows/Linux/Mac/BSD/...) and most webhosters provide it as well.A friend wants to start a dating website, she wants me to help her. So what would be some good points to bring up when deciding which platform to develop on? NET and none with Linux/Apache/PHP/My SQL, choosing LAMP will mean that you'll need much more time : a whole lot of new stuff to learn.

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