Are allen payne and demetria mckinney dating

The Cube Life, tries to compete with BET ( riff (very popular in web series, for obvious reasons) about workplace petty dramas. Dating Savannah Love, Collectors, cop show parody about a government agency that captures and incarcerates those who fail to repay debts.

Adulatsex movie - Are allen payne and demetria mckinney dating

Afro-Arabian Nights: Arabian Nights Afro City, fabulous women deal with life and love.

For more info, see here: “Well, as an avid fan of SATC, the TV series (not so much the films…

For more on , created by Dwight Allen O’Neal, explores black gay men as urban performers.

The Chronicles, (creator: Nia Malika Dixon), Series** , whose title refers to the cocoon an insect creates before it transforms, tells the story of Jamal, a young Muslim man living in Baltimore with an infant child and a less-than-desirable career choice: drug dealing. Chump Change S, Black Web Series speculates this was the first black web series.

Below is a list of scripted web shows (or webisodes), starring, marketed to or produced by black and people of color.

Please send suggestions and comments — especially if you want your series listed or if there is a mistake on your listing — to my email address (aj, which I’d like to think of as the first serious consideration of these shows.

The series pulls in high profile guest stars like Billy Dee Williams and Richard Roundtree.

I wrote up a story on Townsend and is a scripted comedic webseries about a loveable wedding planner named Khristy who moves from a small town to Los Angeles in order to “play in the big leagues” and find love herself.

Drama Queenz, (creator: Dane Joseph), , which is about three gay men trying to make it as actors and singers, is just one of several shows aimed at the underserved black gay and lesbian markets online.

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