Arabia dating flirt in saudi

They elude the mores imposed by the kingdom’s puritanical Wahhabi version of Islam — formulated in the 18 century device in their mobile phones: the wireless Bluetooth technology that permits users to connect without going through the phone company.

“It’s more fun coming to a restaurant these days,” said Mona, 21, as her two friends giggled.

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Abdul-Aziz al-Aseeri, a 25-year-old computer science teacher, said he tells his students that Bluetooth technology can be misused.

“I warn them of the dangers of having pictures of their mothers and sisters ending up in the phones of their classmates,” he said.

With Bluetooth, men and women can safely flirt at malls, restaurants and even traffic lights. But for this conservative society, it is pretty bold stuff.

Many images feature babies — some blowing kisses — perhaps because women consider them cute.

” asked Abdullah Hejazi, my boyish-looking guide in Old Jidda.

Under a glowing Arab moon on a hot winter night, Abdullah was showing off the jewels of his city—charming green, blue, and brown houses built on the Red Sea more than a hundred years ago.

“I asked him why, and he answered, ‘Am not allowed to watch over other angels.”’ A sprinkling of not-so-innocent Some are more forward: a picture of a woman covered in a cloak and then another one of her in a white top, looking coquettishly from beneath the rim of a cap; an image of two women kissing; a woman taking off her trousers while suggestively shaking her hips.

A few contain hardcore pornography or viruses that infect people’s phones.

Unrelated men and women caught talking to each other, driving in the same car or sharing a meal risk being detained by the religious police. Users activate the Bluetooth function in their phone and then press the search button to see who else has the feature on within a 30-foot range.

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