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Domestic horses gone wild, such as the mustangs of western , tend to revert to those primitive features under random mating: they generally are somewhat taller (about 15 hands), are usually gray, dun, or brownish in colour, and move in herds led by a stallion.

Rumaihi added that Qatar rejected as “baseless” claims made by Chad on Wednesday.

Chad said it was expelling Qatar’s mission to “safeguard peace and stability in the region”, accusing the Middle Eastern state of “attempts at the destabilisation of Chad from Libya”.

“This violation of the Security Council resolutions, if proved correct, shall definitely have a negative bearing on counter-terrorism efforts on the ground,” he said.

Qatar’s foreign ministry on Thursday said it was closing Chad’s embassy in Doha and ordered all staff to leave the emirate within three days.

They acted after Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt broke off diplomatic and trade ties with Qatar, accusing it of supporting Islamist extremists — a charge the tiny, gas-rich state denies.

Qatar has previously accused the Saudi-led bloc of putting pressure on African states to take sides in the row.In another development, the central African nation of Chad has recalled its ambassador from Qatar, joining Saudi Arabia and other nations who have moved to isolate the Gulf country over allegations it supports terrorism.In a statement, Chad's Foreign Ministry urged countries to use dialogue to resolve the escalating dispute.Qatar’s diplomatic staff were given 10 days to leave.Chad, Mauritania and Senegal all recalled their ambassadors from Qatar in June.Recently, however, geldings generally have replaced stallions as riding horses.

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