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They love to communicate, talking to everyone, yet do not talk about deeper feelings and parts of themselves that they want to remain hidden. Once an Aquarian has accepted a person, they are loyal friends whose good thoughts about someone are unshakable by malicious gossip.

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The isolation this brings is often a surprise, despite the super reliance on other senses, they can miss the obvious. The Aquarian-born identifies with being a human, concepts of peace, love and brotherhood. They make friends with everyone, although their close relationships are few.

They are only close and intimate with a limited amount of people.

They have an ability to keep their plans secret, revealing only what they want you to know.

Listening to the problems and troubles of others comes naturally for the humanitarian Aquarian.

The water bearer sees everyone as an equal, befriending people from all walks of life.

If you touch the heart of an Aquarian however, they will be drawn toward understanding why and perhaps even develop a closer friendship.Aquarius has no care for what the world thinks, sailing against the crowd.They logically pursue their own set of social values.Usually they love the company of others, yet often times they need time to themselves alone.It is best to give them this time, as soon enough they will feel social again.Known to be the sign of genius, Aquarian eyes are typically vague, with a dreamy, wandering expression.

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