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The problem, is the with the password in the outgoing mail settings (SMTP settings) for the particular email account.The video above provides detailed instructions on how to fix the problem of being able to receive but not being able to send emails on the i Phone, i Pad and i Pod after updating to i OS 7 or higher.This might have a negative effect on your battery life. Note: If you’re paying for a Google Apps account, you can get push notification in the native mail app. Microsoft Outlook: One of the best email apps on i OS is made by Microsoft.

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Push notifications are supported but it’s the extra features that make Outlook interesting.

The Focused list only shows and sends you notifications for emails that are important. Outlook also comes with an impressive integrated calendar, plus there’s support for file sharing services like Dropbox.

In my answer I cover how to get rid of all emails at once on i Phone or i Pad and how to clear all unread email on i Phone or i Pad: Hey Sarah, How do I delete ALL 17,000 of my UNREAD emails at once?

Sincerely, Inbox 17,000 Dear Inbox, With i OS 10, Apple got rid of the Trash All option everywhere but in Trash.

Since the i OS 7 update, many emails accounts on i Phone such as exchange accounts, Yahoo accounts, Comcast accounts, Bellsouth accounts and other email accounts are not able to send emails – receiving emails is not a problem.

This issue does not seem to be affecting Gmail or i Cloud accounts.

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In all other mailboxes, Mail users must individually select emails and then tap Trash in order to delete all their emails at once on their i Phone or ipad.

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