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So what do you get when an AI automatically scrubs your internet forum of all offensive content? The test feeds that I created during my time using the service felt like a disembodied comments section, regardless of the groups that I subscribed to.

While you can add external links to posts, very few of the 600-plus beta testers appear to do so.

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Interestingly, you can even sign up using your Facebook account to seed the app's Group suggestions.

That seems counterintuitive, though Candid's stringent privacy rules account for this.

This leaves you reading strings of random, disconnected thoughts with very little context.

You won't find inflammatory content (kudos for that) but the discussions filling that void are far from riveting.

Ive met some cool ppl on this site tho, ppl who I will most probably be friends with for the rest of my existence on earth woooo!

Well i just started coming here 3 months ago and since then I met some pretty cool people(a lot of weird ones too)... Always a great way to meet new people and kill boredom. Glad to see all of you having fun on this internet oasis, away from the deserts of boredom and such.What's more, closing or abandoning an account permanently deletes all that encrypted data from Candid's servers.Oddly, though, the app also requires users to provide their phone number during the initial account setup.Keep chatting, and tell your friends to come too, it's free! I love getting on here and talking to new people everyday its really awesome when you find someone with a load of things in common with yourself teen chat rox :)Its cool, but some ppl are ignorant, all u haterz should go away!!

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