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Fearing for her life, she accidentally bumps into a young man named Caramia who happens to be the head of the prominent Oz Famiglia.

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Put simply, otome game literally means “maiden game”.

It is usually in a visual novel format where choices can be made by the players.

This week, Nicholas and Steve explore what makes this series so uniquely captivating.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the part...― In a way, Fate/Apocrypha is the quintessential Netflix show.

R-INFINITY has announced an upcoming dating sim for smartphones that purports to be the first yuri game aimed at women.

Details are limited — even a title hasn't been announced — but artwork and a tagline are available.The tagline translates to "I wonder what sort of goodbye we'll have." R-INFINITY is seeking four scenario writers and has a job posting linked to the game's webpage.It seeks writers interested in utsuge (depressing games) with a "dignified" writing style and adept at portraying complicated emotions and appealing to the hearts of women in their late 20s to 40s. According to the company's official Twitter feed, it has already received numerous applications.The game will charge fees for item downloads and be available for the i OS and Android in the fall.R-INFINITY has mostly developed games for male audiences previously, although its fairy tale-themed game Saiai Märchen: Lotte Forest no Dōwa is aimed at a female audience.This week in anime, Jacob and Steve explain what's different about UMR. Available Now: Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card - A Strange and Mystifying Story - Slumbering Beauty - SP Baby - Children of the Whales - To Your Eternity - Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty - Re: Zero: Truth of Zero - Fairy Tail S - Imperfect Girl - Sword Oratoria - To Love-Ru - Devilman Grimoire - Frau Faust - AKIRA and much more! In the meantime, you can catch me on Twitter, wh...

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