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Cosying up to John Mc Enroe, chewing the fat with Martina Navratilova, and a little back-and-forth with Andy Roddick: this was less a benefit for the Elton John Aids Foundation than a gala reception for Sharapova herself.

One would have thought, from this teeth-grindingly inappropriate love-in, that she was returning from a sabbatical of self-discovery, not interrupting a suspension for using a banned drug five times at her last Grand Slam tournament. ” is not a valid response to this gruesome spectacle.

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A ban should mean exactly that, with all loopholes closed off.

c Enroe, Navratilova and Roddick rolled out the red carpet for her as if she were a long-lost friend. Tennis is a mates’ club, a cabal, an environment in which the slightest criticism of a superstar is regarded as sacrilege.

At a time when Sharapova should have the decency to step away from the Caesar’s Palace arclights and take her medicine – it might be a good idea to avoid meldonium for a while – she is profiting from the exposure her presence brings.

Again, this is as much the fault of tennis as her own, by affording her the opportunity to milk her brand at non-sanctioned tournaments.

“I can’t advocate people not liking each other but I’d prefer it,” he said.

If he is to be the change that he seeks, then he might start by refusing to usher a woman like Sharapova back into the fold so easily.They even lived together for a certain period of time.But later the tennis player filed a claim with the court.Less than a year after this love story Sharapova started new relationship.In May 2013 she met Grigor Dimitrov, Bulgarian tennis player.Tennis hit-and-giggles are tough watches at the best of times, but doubly so when they feature this tarnished, incorrigibly entitled swan.

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