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Note: if you’re looking for a modern, flexible solution to this problem that doesn’t rely on Loaders (the chosen solution here), check out the Lifecycle Aware Data Loading with Architecture Components blog post.

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But even better: Loaders don’t stay around forever.

They’ll be automatically cleaned up when the requesting Activity or Fragment is permanently destroyed. These two facts together mean that they perfectly match the lifecycle you actually care about: ) to store data across configuration changes, strongly consider switching from a retained Fragment to a Loader.

For you simply swap the cursor of the adapter as described in the section "Changes needed for Cursor Adapters".

For all other cases you have to get references to the view elements and set their value according to the result.

If Android destroys your fragments or activities, the You might need the ID for further method calls.

So using a final static field for the ID makes your code more readable.

With Loaders your queries will no longer run on the UI thread and your app remains responsive.

In this post I introduce the classes that form the Loader API and show you how to use them.

These are the same values you used for your init Loader() call. If you're not familiar with these arguments, I recommend you read my post about accessing content providers.

If you need to track multiple queries and thus use different IDs for your Loaders, all you need to add is a simple case- or if-else-branch. Here you update the UI based on the results of your query.

Since the interface is parameterized you must specify the type of data your Loader holds. As mentioned, the manager only calls this method if no loader for the given ID exists.

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