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She said: 'I had been seeing a lad called Kadeel Newby and he told me he was separated from his ex and had been for about five months and had two children.

I don't normally go for guys with children.'He always picked me up in his Toyota Yaris but he never wore his seatbelt, it was plugged in and he sat on it. It was like the world was going to stop and he wanted to get there quick.'The 2am tragedy occurred on Chorley New Road in Horwich on October 12 after Mr Newby had earlier picked up Miss Gregson to take her out for the evening in Manchester.

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This week, Mr Newby's wife Korrette, 26, was forced to listen to details of her husband's six-day relationship with Miss Gregson at an inquest into his death in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

Kadeel Newby (left) died in a high-speed drink driving crash while taking his secret mistress home after a date, an inquest heard.

We had our honeymoon in Greece which started Kadeel's love of travelling. 'Kadeel was so close to our children, they had a special relationship. When I contacted her she blocked me.'Kadeel was coming home on the night of the crash as we arranged.

He would do thoughtful things like buy me a gift or write me a letter and leave it under my pillow.'We had been bickering before Kadeel's death which was rare. I still can't believe he's gone and don't know how I will ever get over this.

I never drove, Kadeel always drove and it was just the two of us.'She described his driving as 'erratic'. Her statement added: 'Kadeel picked me up at about pm, I can't remember what I was wearing at the time.

I don't remember much after this other than I know we went into Manchester.'I'd thrown my mobile phone into the car, shut my eyes and went to sleep.

His wife Korrette (right) only found out about the affair after the crash Mrs Newby, who had married her husband in 2011, told the hearing that her husband's behaviour had been completely out of character and that she would 'not judge his 24 years of life based on that'.

The hearing was told how the pair were driving on Chorley New Road in Horwich at 2am on October 12.

Miss Gregson suffered serious injuries - including fracturing her skull - but survived.

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