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Because Andover operates on a trimester system, this sixth “slot” in their schedules can change from term to term. All new students will take a year long English class (English 200) coupled with a trimester each of History (usually History 200), Religion and Philosophy, Physical Education, and Personal and Community Education (PACE).

Incoming lowers come from a variety of different school settings and experiences and thus have very different levels of experience in math, science, and world languages.

Each student has the chance to place into the appropriate level in these courses and work forward from there.

The presentation will focus on common arm injuries and how to prevent them by teaching our students accurate anatomical information about the arms in movement. It is an offering of the full WEM course especially for string players.

What Every String Player Needs to Know About the Body Location: TBA Date/Time: January 21, 2018, - Event For: Jennifer Johnson This will be on Sunday, January 21, 2018 for the Maryland/D. Covered will be information on retraining movement, senses, and attention, preventing arm injury, standing and sitting balanced, preventing neck and back injury, healthy breathing for string players and musically appropriate leg movement.

Students are placed into math, science, foreign language, and music courses based on “demonstrated ability.” In other words, juniors who have a particular aptitude for math, foreign language, or music and who wish to move ahead in one (or more) of those areas may do so by means of a placement test.

Additionally, ninth graders typically take a combination of art, music, and physical education as their sixth course.

Exercises, explorations, and examinations of work by Dorris Humphrey, Mark Morris, and more. Co-taught by instructors from both the Chinese and English departments.

Includes research trip to New York City’s Chinatown.

During the Upper and Senior years, a student must accumulate a minimum of 27 credits. Language and math placement depend on each student’s demonstrated ability, which we assess through departmental placement exams.

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