Amy fisher dating joey who is melina perez dating

"The husband's accounted for — he had an alibi, so he didn't do it.

Defendant: Amy Fisher Crimes Charged: Attempted murder, assault Chief Defense Lawyer: Eric Naiburg Chief Prosecutor: Fred Klein.

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Had he met Fisher for sex at motels, his boat, his auto body shop, and at her parents' house, as she claimed? Absolutely not, repeated Buttafuoco, who blandly insisted that such charges were the lies of a sick young woman.

Buttafuoco said that he only knew the teenager from his auto body shop where she had brought her smashed car for repairs.

The media latched onto the tale of the "Long Island Lolita" with an obsession that rivaled Fisher's hunger for Buttafuoco's affection.

Reporters looking for a fresh angle in the case were rewarded within days.

As she stepped back into the house, she suddenly fell with a bullet at the base of her skull.

The following year would be enlivened by an antic cavalcade of lawyers, tabloid reporters, Hollywood film makers and the participants themselvesall openly playing with the truth about why Mary Jo Buttafuoco was shot.

Conflicting stories became a profitable commodity to be bought and sold in the form of newspapers, magazines, tell-all books, and television shows.

By the time the justice system was finished with the affair, Americans would be fascinated or repelled by a story in which nearly all of the action took place out of the courtroom.

When Buttafuoco's wife refused to take her seriously, Fisher angrily smacked Mary Jo in the head with a cheap handgun, causing it to accidentally discharge and fall apart.

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