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Chris has remained strong in his faith while jumping into the work world, but Megan has slipped on going to church and Bible studies, leaving Chris concerned.

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Anti-muslim incidents in the UK have increased following the vote to leave the EU.

Meanwhile, during his campaign, US President-elect Donald Trump said he plans to ban all Muslims from entering the US.

When Megan learns that she gets to go on a business trip to Indonesia with Mark, she is excited, but Chris is less than enthused that he also has to go.

The trip takes an unexpected course when their plane crashes in the middle of the ocean, but close to an island.

I’m just starting to try out Amazon Prime and have noticed there is a limited selection of Christian shows and movies compared to other services, such as Netflix.

The picture quality is great though and you can choose to watch, rent or buy HD or SD based on preference.

Many Christians can relate to this movie, from parents who are struggling to keep their teens on the right track to teens who go through a life-changing experience. Kirk Cameron embarks on a journey across Europe and the U. trying to discover what has happened to lead our country to the current spiritual state and social problems.

This is a documentary with Cameron talking to people, visiting places and thinking through principles in the hope to understand the origins of America.

This movie shows that how no matter what happens in life God is always waiting with open arms to receive you.

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