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Lepore says soon after her liaisons with the rapper ended, he married.

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They need to believe these things to keep their interests making sense in their mind. HG: This is what you do with your comedy — talk about serious stuff in a funny, approachable way. A lot of this stuff is frustrating and hurtful and confusing. If we talk about that jacuzzi scene [from the Season 1 finale], she was just laughing, and Issa came for her neck. And at the end of the day, don’t throw rocks in glass houses if you ain’t trynna get cut!

And when you can add comedy to any mix, I think that changes so much about people’s ability to perceive it. HG: Some comedians and celebrities shy away from talking about politics. You have a platform because people made you that platform. Quite a few people have compared her to Regina George from . [] I think Tiffany also has an affect in her language that seems very condescending. We haven’t had the opportunity to get to see her generosity and her kindness.

Amanda Lepore, the transgender model and plastic surgery aficionado, says she had an assignation with a rapper who is now married.

Leopore, 49, who became a fixture in New York nightlife and has been featured in advertising campaigns for Armani Jeans and Mac Cosmetics, released her memoir, 'Doll Parts' in April.

The comedian has quickly gained popularity from playing Tiffany alongside Issa Rae on HBO’s , performing standup, hosting a monthly comedy show celebrating black culture, and writing and producing a popular web series — among other things. When she says she’s been in the business for a long time, she means it — and she has the credits to prove it.

She appeared on Nickelodeon’s (which just got renewed for a third season!

Lepore has become famous in part for her extreme plastic surgery.

In her book she claims to have had an affair with a rapper, people have speculated she's referring to Kanye West.

If I could just talk about racism and sexism, I really would. But I take it literally, because I am a literal person. The accomplishment there is cool, but it’s not really about you. Whereas when you empower someone, you’re giving them something that hasn’t been given to them in that way before.

[] But whether it’s talking about relationships or sexism or racism, or the proper etiquette on a flight, it’s always coming from an intellectual space that intends to make people think while they’re laughing. It’s for obvious reasons, but every word I say is thoughtful. You’re creating a positive trajectory that helps folks share that with other people and empower other people.

In the Caitlyn situation, people ask me, And I genuinely don’t care.

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