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The reasons for painting the town pink are unknown, but various theories have been tossed about, from using pink to cut down glare, to Jai Singh II's apparent devotion to Lord Shiva (whose favorite color is reputedly terra cotta).Others believe Singh wanted to imitate the color of the sandstone used in the forts and palaces of his Mughal emperor-friends.Sunset over Jaipur -- See the pink city at its rosiest from Nahargarh Fort (or "Tiger Fort") when the sun sinks behind the Aravalli Hills.

The Kingdom of Morocco is a constitutional monarchy, with the King as the chief of state, and the prime minister as the head of government.

The capital is Rabat and its largest commercial center is Casablanca.

Purpose built to protect Amber, the view from here is always a winner, but during the festival of Diwali in November, when firecrackers explode above the city, it's one you will never forget.

The fort (Rs 40; am -- pm) itself is largely in ruins, but the great vantage point alone is worth the trip.

The most popular reason (spread no doubt by "Britishers" during the Raj era) is that pink is the traditional color of hospitality, and the city was freshly painted and paved with pink gravel to warmly welcome Edward VII for his visit here in 1876. A few streets became off-limits to cars, but this is not the case anymore, and cars and rickshaws crowd areas such as Bapu Bazaar, which otherwise is one of the better places to browse.

The city is painted pink once every 10 years by the Municipal Corporation, and in 2000 the painting was timed for a state visit, this time by former U. If you are being driven around, especially at peak hour, it will take a very long time to get to your destination.In an initiative to encourage more of its cardholders to enjoy the festival, Master Card will hold an exclusive pre-sale and will offer special discounts on ticket prices for the festival’s screenings."Here at Master Card, we strive to make our brand be seen not only as a means of payment to satisfy any necessity, but also as a means to live an enjoyable experience.” Arbesú Cardona indicates.Other key sectors of the economy include tourism, aerospace, automotive, phosphates, textiles, apparel and subcomponents.The Kingdom of Morocco and the United States of America are bound by a special alliance dating back to 1777 when Morocco became the first country to formally recognize the newly independent United States.Begun in 1727 and completed in just 8 years, Jaipur was the first city in India to enjoy rigorous town planning according to the principles laid down in "Shilpa Shastra," an ancient Indian treatise on architecture.

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