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So we must look to those skills people will need in order to face a rapidly changing labour market.

Website: The European Knowledge Center for Mobility (EUKCEM) project aims at contributing to a European Area of Skills and Competences and increased EU mobility by offering an one stop shop for important mobility processes including ECVET.

The project supports the quality in mobility by structured step by step information about mobility processes for all actors involved (host organisations, sending organisations and beneficiaries) as well as by a partner search database of quality organisations, that assured to follow certain quality standards and agreed to get rated for their performance by beneficiaries.

The need of App Mentor (2016-1-FI01-KA202-022668) has arisen as an increasing amount of the learning is conducted during work based learning and at placements located far from the VET provider.

It’s too time consuming to travel to the companies and have mentoring sessions on the spot.

By introducing and encouraging work mentors and mentoring teachers to start using mobile technology when mentoring will make mentoring a learning experience that is fun, flexible, qualitative & user friendly. Education & Mobility, Bilbao, The Basque Country, Spain The project is in its second and final year and we hope you join us in our roundtable session to give us feedback on our outcomes.

The outcomes of the project are a) App Mentor Online Mentoring Course b) Guidelines on how to implement mobile technology and social media in the mentoring process during work based learning c) An online manual of mobile technology and social media that can be used to facilitate and strengthen the quality of the mentoring process The partners are: 1. Charlottenlund Upper Secondary School, Trondheim, Norway 5. “Reshape the future – Education and Training for migrants and refugees” is an Erasmus funded project where the partners are scrutinizing the education and training for migrants and refugees from five different perspectives.

Axxell Utbildning Ab, Ekenäs, Finland (Coordinator) 2. These perspectives focus on the recognition of formal and non-formal learning, competencies needed for the educators and counsellors, guidance and counselling needs, education and training for entrepreneurship and quality assurance relating to the educational activities and social integration.

The aim is to share the best practises, to identify the problems and challenges and to develop solutions which can be put into practice in partner organizations.

The QUAL4T2 – project aims at fulfilling the identified needs – targeting teams (teachers/trainers), quality staff and management.

Further Quality Improvement for VET is the key point in the QUAL4T2 project, as feedback from teachers made in connection with the QUAL4T project (focusing on the culture of quality involvement by teachers) shows that teachers’ teams don’t feel that they have enough knowledge and tools to write a good year plan and follow the PDCA-cycle.

The project has two main target groups from the same sector; electricians and electricians’ apprentices, but the bulk of the proposed outcomes will also be suitable for all employees and apprentices in the construction industry.

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