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After going through the usual process, I submitted my form which included my contact details and the specifications I was looking for in a woman.However, the company that monitors data flow is in charge of helping people to meet according to specifications that match.The website is usually something like, and there are hundreds of people joining it and creating accounts with the hope of finding 'true love.' Many may find this weird. You'll be shocked; some people have been lucky and can testify to finding 'happily-ever-after' by just the click of a mouse.

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Rugamba adds that proximity usually cheats people into thinking that they are in love; however, if you date someone online, do a long distance relationship with them and wait for them, then your decision will be easily made. I registered on several dating sites, under a false name to understand these sites better.

You are required to register with an email address and after you get a notification which you have to approve, you are then directed to the next step.

With the actual dating scenario, friendship and first getting to know each other well is involved.

I'm a busy person, so all I do is answer a few questions, update my online dating profile and contact people who have things I'm looking out for," says Alain Rugamba, a clearing and forwarding agent.

However, this is not the same thing with another site I registered with.

This other site has a rigorous process when it comes to meeting a person you think you are interested in.

When I first started out, I was warned by a friend not to use my real picture to avoid people downloading it.

Secondly, what if a relative is also on the same site?

However, there's a fee ranging from Rwf10, 000 depending on the services asked for.

Although, dating sites are helping people, Rugamba says there's a downside to these services which people ought to look out for.

"In 2008, I met a guy on Facebook and we started talking.

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