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She is also a Film Producer, Actor, and a Singer too.She is the first wife of our favorite actor, Alec Baldwin.And despite their differences in the past, The 30 Rock star believes his 17-year-old daughter has the perfect role model in her famous mother as she tries to make a name for herself in the modelling world.

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This relationship was also not a good one since this couple was only seen together in the year 2001.

Before her, there was another amazing girl that Alec dated. The amazing girl that we were talking about is none other than Georgia-born Kim Basinger who is now of age 62, well known for fashion modeling.

Chances also are, if you were a teenage girl at the time, you strongly identified with or admired the lead female character "Ariel Moore" - free-spirited, strong-willed and desperately wanting to break free from parental control but, at the same time, pining for simpler times when she didn't question their authority or their love.

It is with a bit of nostalgic giddiness that I am so thrilled to learn that the incredibly talented Lori Singer ("Ariel Moore" in the film) is the newest celebrity to lend support to Cruelty Free International and our effort to ban cosmetics testing on animals worldwide.

For starters, there are nearly 20,000 ingredients in the European Union's database for which safety data is already available.

Hundreds of companies have voluntarily sworn off animal testing and in doing so have proved it is possible to make quality cosmetics without harming animals.Here's the couple together on Instagram Lori Singer and Alec Baldwin dated for four long years starting from the year 2006 till 2010.Now, let's see the next beauty that Alec Baldwin dated.Not to mention, the European Union and Israel - with India likely to follow suit - are already leading the way by banning such tests within their borders. Cruelty-free cosmetic companies and compassionate celebrities like Lori Singer, Norman Reedus, Peter Dinklage, Ashley Bell, and Ricky Gervais together with Cruelty Free International are putting the issue of cosmetics testing on animals at front of mind of consumers and policy makers around the world. They faced many problems and between their relationship, they even dated other peoples too.

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