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I know lots of smart professional 30ish guys in my former region (gender-imbalanced Silicon Valley) who could be persuaded to give up the rat race for an easy life in the desert with a lovely woman. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. Our mission is to encourage the activity, engagement, and vision of Albuquerque's millennial generation in making downtown a vibrant, revitalized community and the locus of innovation, art, and activity in our city. It looks like the best city to be in for singles depends on your age and sex.

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OTOH, other places I've lived, a much larger % of the population is not from there, so less family obligations and more time to socialize. OP compared Albuquerque to Boston but I found it much easier to meet people here than when I lived in Boston for four years.

But then I cast a wider net than the OP who seems to be looking for people just like her/him.

She longed for the place where she had grown up, met my grandfather, and started her family.

So, during my spring breaks growing up, we’d visit her small adobe home and eat Mexican food every night.

After moving here I enjoyed dating people who were very different from me and from the kind of people I was used to in Boston. I found a bar or two here that I liked (learning to dance also helped), and would limit myself to two drinks in an evening. Eventually I settled down with a friend of a friend.

You need to circulate and make friends, which increases access to more people and builds into their networks.

Don't be afraid of socializing with people you work with also (this is not dating), since they may introduce you to other people.

But if OP is moving away soon to pursue educational opportunities then why ask now about dating scene here? Maybe join Mi ABQ "The Mi ABQ Millennial Project is a self-organizing group of young professionals under 40 years of age who are interested in the revitalization of downtown Albuquerque. " So they are kinda all about that downtown nonsense (although more about the livable part of it and not the shady part).

Now Albuquerque has a romantic nostalgia for me, too.

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