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I'm trying to get my 2009-era Time Capsule to extend my home wireless network (broadcast by a non-Apple router).I reset the Time Capsule and Air Port Utility can see it on both my i Pad mini (i OS 6.1.3) and my Mac Mini (OSX 10.8.2).

I've had this Airport Extreme for about three years.

Recently I moved into a new house with a new internet service. What is the best way to then configure the Airport Extreme to provide service downstream of the full router built into the modem?

I know with mine I get a pretty good signal without it but with it, I can put it out on the back patio and enjoy streaming music. If you are trying to extend a wireless network that is not an Apple Airport base station it cannot be done.

I have a friend who enjoys doing a movie night once a month in the summer & uses the same set-up to stream movies from their Apple TV to their projector in the driveway on to the garage. All the kids in the neighborhood and families get together for an old fashion block-party of sorts in drive-in movie style. You can join a network but this will not increase the range of your wireless network.

It connected to the Century Link router (Actiontec C1000A) in bridged mode and worked fine for a couple of days. Light was still green, but it wouldn't accept any wireless connections (connection timed out) and I couldn't reach it through Airport Utility. UPDATE: I was finally able to edit the configuration with a different computer.

For some reason I was finally able to reach it after unplugging the Airport Express that was configured to extend the network, but I wasn't able to get it configured in a way that would work with the two routers. So I did a factory reset on the Airport Extreme and now Airport Utility only shows it under "Other Wi-Fi Devices" and when I try to connect to it, "An unexpected error occurred". I'd guess that my computer was somehow expecting information it wasn't getting and I should find some way to delete all of Airport Utility's remembered data.It tells me "An error occurred during the update", and then Air Port Express can no longer see the Time Capsule: At this point, I restore the Time Capsule using the tiny button on the back and lather, rinse, repeat. Ok, I think I understand what you're trying to do, because I've done the same. If what you're saying you're wanting to do is say receive the "internet connection signal" (i.e.The Time Capsule hadn't been used in a few months, so I tried this both before and after updating the firmware. dsl, cable, fiber optic) from it's respective carrier & then direct it through the Time Capsule in hopes to solely extend their signal then the answers above are essentially accurate.As it's currently written, it’s hard to tell exactly what you're asking.See the How to Ask page for help clarifying this question.It seemed/sounded like you just wanted to take the signal, bounce it to the TC then to the Express.

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