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and fell right smack in love with her married co-star Richard Burton, a legendary affair that would result in two rocky marriages and an Oscar for Taylor when she and Burton starred as a most unhappily married couple in .

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co-star Claire Danes in 2003, leaving a 7-months-pregnant Mary-Louise Parker in the process.

Asked in 2015 about making the questionable choice to embark on that relationship, a now happily married (to Hugh Dancy) Danes told Howard Stern, "That was a scary thing. I didn't know how to not do that.""I was just in love with him," the star added. I didn't quite know what those consequences would be."For Danes, really, the consequences were few, the scandal having occurred years before Team Parker had the option to rip her apart on Twitter.

I wasn't convinced even at the time, long before Stewart had fallen in love with a woman, that she and Pattinson were that much more than incredibly close friends, thrown together in this phenomenon called , who perhaps sometimes got romantic. More like flesh-and-blood fantasy fulfillment for rabid Team Edward fans.

No question they were devoted to and protective of each other, but… But yes, it isn't just the co-star who might prove a draw, but the director, too.

But Cotillard, pregnant with her second child and understandably wanting to remove herself from the conversation, spoke out fairly quickly, insisting she was very happy with her longtime partner and wishing Angelina and Brad "peace in this very tumultuous moment."In English in French, thank you very much.

Yet obviously stranger things have happened than two co-stars, particularly two halves of a steamy onscreen couple, taking their chemistry off-camera, even while involved with other people in real life.

That being said, there's a reason why some couples positively refuse to watch each other's love scenes, at least in some circumstances."She doesn't want to watch this," Jamie Dornan told . "She'll cover my eyes and I'll cover hers," he said. News what his wife Jada Pinkett Smith told him before he shot let that girl smash you onscreen.'"In this business (and, really, in quite a lot of businesses), the temptation is there and it always will be there. In the end, it just depends on the people involved—and how they deal with a litany of unexpected intangibles.

After releasing her sex tape with her then-boyfriend Londell Smith, aka Nikko London, and even getting awarded for it, Mimi is back in the headlines that she's dating someone, not a boyfriend, but her girlfriend, a WNBA player Tamera Young! The L&HH star, Faust is spicing the romance with her new partner and the pair looks really in love.

But it was a crushing blow to the then seemingly solid ranks of devoted Hollywood couples at the time.

Oh, how we would learn.director Rupert Sanders (whose marriage to Liberty Ross subsequently ended).

" star a sapphire bracelet, necklace and earrings when she died.

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