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Our host, Lisa Anderson, isn’t afraid to get all up in your bitnit with hilarious, edgy interviews with an always changing roundtable panel, cultural influencers, and experts who answer your tough questions about all things dating, friendship, adulthood and life in general.Ask us your question and it might be featured on the podcast. You can also connect with us at join our community for Christian young adults who want to grow up, own their faith, date with purpose, and prepare for marriage and family.My advice is to get out there, but avoid these common mistakes I see women make after divorce.

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University of Destruction is the gift of a former college student, who became spiritually shipwrecked in college, to today’s college students.

It is the fruit of one man’s willingness to follow the Lord’s leading in his own life.

Relating his own experiences at Stanford, David Wheaton describes the three Pillars of Peril you will face in college –sex, drugs/alcohol, and humanism –and presents a game plan for victory over these pitfalls based on raising your spiritual GPA.

You will also receive practical advice on dating, friends, choosing the right college, and how to get back on course if you have gone astray.

It is Biblically sound because it is based on Biblical principles.

College students are sharing this book with other college students because they believe it is a must read to help them keep focused on their daily walk with the Lord.

Young people entering college often encounter overwhelming temptations while being force-fed godless philosophies – and the results can be spiritually catastrophic.

University of Destruction outlines essential practical and biblical principles that will equip students for the inevitable spiritual battle they will face on campus.”“If Daniel needed to be prepared before embarking on his ‘higher education’ (Daniel 1), every Christian teenager thinking of ‘higher education’ also needs preparation.

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