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Nor would they attend the Feminist Fightback conference on 21 October (

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They say — despite the evidence of government reports commissioned in the past — that looking at violent pornography causes violence.

There is no conclusive evidence that adults looking at porn, or other violent material, leads to copy-cat incidents or sexual violence in general.

We don’t have to defend the content of pornography to oppose the way pornorgraphy and violence are conveniently linked.

In the same way we object when the Daily Mail scapegoats computer games as a cause of real-life violence, without in any way defending the content of such games.

In this case it’s not about banning ideas we don’t like but protecting women from immediate physical threat.

The government’s definition of the violent pornography is that it is “real or appearing to be real acts of violence which appear to be life threatening or likely to result in serious, disabling injury”.But these are political ideas and calling for state censorship or regulation of adult porn (as opposed to child pornography which is a special categroy) is calling for state control of ideas we disagree with.It’s shockingly naive to entrust the state, which isn’t democratic and serves the interests of the ruling class, with the power to decide which ideas ought to be allowed.Feminists and socialists have the most to lose from political censorship.Some feminists call for state censorship of porn on the basis that its reactionary messages about gender cause violence against women.What’s to stop the spreading of educational material about contraception being made illegal on the basis it could “harm” teenagers who might be incited to have underage sex?

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