Adult omegle in nyc

I wanted to investigate myself so I went onto Omegle and as soon as I started a chat I was asked for my 'asl' which I believe stands for age,sex and location.So I say that I am female,13 and then this stranger is asking for my email and is asking me to do inappropriate things. Omegle is certainly not for children and I don't think adults should be on it either.I have very little problem with my son using online chat tools to talk to his friends, but the idea of chatting with total strangers just doesn't make sense It's horrible! Well, I used the site a few times to just meet people in different countries and maybe to stay in contact with them via other social networks (Facebook, Skype), but the only major disadvantage I see is the amount of sexual exposure, become there have been numerous video chats starting out with the other anonymous person exposing an intimate part, but the good part is that you can instantly disconnect.

I'd stick with my specified age limit, but it's really the user who must willingly decide what purpose they want to use Omegle for.

Omegle is open to anyone- that is its unique value prop. A similar site Getting is limited to registered users of Facebook and be safer for that reason.

n a recent Thursday afternoon, fifteen hundred teenagers gather outside a Barnes & Noble in Manhattan to get a glimpse of Felix Kjellberg, the 26-year-old You Tube sensation better known as Pew Die Pie.

A 21-year-old girl with bleached blonde hair tells me she arrived in New York at 4 a.m., after driving 33 hours from Texas.

From parent to parent please don't let your kids on this site! The authorities knew about it and they don't recommend the site for ANYONE! If you are an adult on the site, please be aware that you are at risk for having a discussion that could possibly be misconstrued by a minor, or their parents/guardians. This site (and the creator) is lucky there isn't a class action lawsuit to be shut down, regardless of the "terms" and "disclaimers"...of which a teenager could not possibly understand anyway. Do not allow your children on the site, block it, and tell other parents!!!!

I stay at home and watch our children like a hawk (helicopter, over-protective parent here) and Our very own quiet and shy 13yr old was told about the site by a friend and tried it out....ended up contacting our local authorities due to an 18yr old in a different state asking her to go to Mexico with him!!!! Is it worth your life, your freedom, your child's life to "chat with a stranger"???? Hopefully there will be an investigation as I am taking our situation and complaint as far as I can (congress, local representative, etc.) I have contacted the media about this as well. I think that it is a okay website for people 18 and older to get on and chat but they also have the option to go on live chat where people show inappropriate behaviors and not appropriate body parts and actions that are not suitable for children under 18 years of age!

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It is a sick place for grown men looking for a sexual thrill.

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