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Our congregation values Torah and comprehensive Jewish learning.

The Adult Education program allows members, whether a young adult, young couple, parent, mature adult or senior, to learn something new.

He has served as rabbi at Watford United Synagogue, West Central Liberal Synagogue, and The Liberal Jewish Synagogue (St John’s Wood).

Adult hebrew online dating

Discover the joy and excitement of Jewish study by enrolling in Adult Education classes.

Topics covered include: Basic Judaism, Hebrew, Philosophy, Jewish responses to contemporary challenges, the Bible and other texts and Jewish and Israeli history.

Please note that due to Dr Alinda Damsma leaving LBC we have new teachers for the Biblical Hebrew and Zohar courses.

We welcome anyone interested in furthering his or her Jewish knowledge and invite you to contact Jarek Lodzinski on 44 (0)20 8349 5600 or [email protected] To register for any of our courses, please download our registration form. We accept these payment methods: Our online payments are powered by: Before making any payment online, please read our terms & conditions and our refund policy.

We are also delighted to offer Modern Hebrew Ulpan classes as part of the Lehrhaus.

We have partnered with the World Zionist Organisation to enable those who would like to learn or improve their Modern Hebrew. Classes will be taught by experienced Ulpan teachers.

Please see below for all the course descriptions (please click on the plus button for all information): The Rise of King David – a literary reading of 1 Samuel 8-week course at Leo Baeck College (Room 2) Date: Tuesday 7.45- 9.15pm 3 Oct- (no session on ) Course Description: The Book of Samuel is a literary masterpiece, chronicling not only the rise of King David, but also the jealousies, passions, conflicts and tragedies affecting him and three other major figures: Samuel, Saul and Jonathan, together with minor characters who add colour and human dimensions to the narrative.

For those who attended last year, we will continue our detailed reading of the Book, taking time to enjoy the craftsmanship of the writing and its complex psychological and political dimensions.

Following in the footsteps of the Frankfurt Lehrhaus established in 1920 by Franz Rosenzweig, LBC offers a variety of courses taught by members of its faculty.

This coming year sees the return of many exciting courses plus the addition of on-line learning opportunities to enable even more people to study with us.

This course will present the development of the Kabbalah and its key ideas as part of the history of thought, giving a systematic overview of its theology (both in its classical medieval formation, and its Lurianic development) and exploring links both to other strands of Jewish thought and to mystical traditions in other religions.

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