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I have to say honestly, i think this production was one of the best i have ever witnessed.

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An excellent opportunity to experience a wonderful depiction of an event that was commanded by god. We came to see moses at sight and sound ,,and the show was great,,well worth the money we were captivated and in awe ...

Loved the angel inn on sheppard of the hill express.

Even the lines to the restrooms were orchestrated to flow smoothly during the break between acts to ensure expeditious use of time. Feeling so blessed to be able to see one of my favorite bible stories come to life! Thank you so much the the opportunity for your audience to be able to come forward and be talked to by your staff. Show was beautiful, individuals played their parts superbly, scenery outstanding. It was a very positive experience for someone that is handicapped. The second part of the show we move were we would not be seating so close to other people and were able to stretch our legs.

If only one comes to,know jesus after a show then all is well. Worth one time to read and understand the real meaning of moses and the role he played under god's direction. I especially loved the fact that they tied the fulfillment of the story of moses to jesus christ and gave all viewers the opportunity to accept jesus christ as their lord and savior! Staff at off site office extremely friendly and helpful. My wife and myself so moses in november 2016, the beauty of this theater and excellence of this production from start to finish make this an absolute must see show when you're in branson.

It was a fabulous production overall, with humor and beautiful singing. This was probably the best musical i have ever seen. I am so glad i had the opportunity to come and see it. The burning bush, the plagues, the ultimate exodus from egypt, and the tablets of stone. Best of all, i've never seen the moses story told with greater context or spiritual relevance. We have seen several of them and are amazed each time at the way every tiny detail it portrayed. What we would not recommend is buying tickets through vacations made easy!

The story adhered enough to scripture to be satisfying - no complaints. It was very emotional and made understanding the story so much better. The gospel message at the end was the capstone to the performance. These people at branson's sight & sound theater really understand the bible. We could actually understand the words, unlike most performers we see on a Gt. Wish the performance could have been lon G enou Gh to include more details of the story, but realize it is a story that needs more time in order to include all thin Gs si Gnificant. Loved the show, even our 2 year old, who is never still, sat and watched the entire show without even trying to get down or talk and that is amazing for her. Definitely a great choice for families and people of all ages. The price was greatly inflated as opposed to buying directly from the theater! We have 7 family members who rarely agree on anything, but this show had all of us, age 8-50 gushing about how awesome it was. This is a wonderful facility and the moses production was beautiful, moving and fun.

And such nice people and clean and pleasent room Moses at sight and sound theaters in branson was amazing!! I've been telling people at church and at work that this show is a must see!

I never expected the actors and animals to be so close! It leaves you in totally awe of this breathe taking experience. If you're thinking about seeing this - you need to see this. The only complaint i would have would be the seating.

I also enjoyed the animals going down the isles to and from the stage. Absolutely we were just as amazed the second time as the first. The kids loved the live animals moving up and down the aisles and up on stage. The facility was superb - the vocals were outstanding and the play itself was engaging and the live animals added interest overall. We enjoyed how animals and children people of all ages were incorporated in the show and a certain stage was absolutely amazing transformation was unbelievable. I have never been to branson before but i'm so glad that i went and that i chose the show thank you!!!! There were 7 of us ranging in age from 4 months to 53 and we all enjoyed it!! We enjoyed the live animals and we were engaged throughout the entire show! We had 13 people in our group and we were able to get amazing seats together! I have a major problem with sight and sound theater saying they bring bible stories to life, and saying their shows make the bible come alive.

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