Adult chat room submissive women 8min speed dating hartford ct

She (cd hubby) is slim 32" waist with very long legs in his heels, and when dressed is sub.She (cd hubby) wants to be treated like a dirty slut and used as you require.

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Either way if you wanna chat leave me an and I'll receive it after this power nap I'm about to take.

NO the isn't me but I'll show you when/if i receive , thanks for reading.

Also looking to make friends, would be good to chat with other people to pick their brains and share thoughts.

Looking to meet like minded people I am Poly and enjoy intense emotional connections.

I do have a man, he is very aware of everything I do and we are very very happy in our relationship, we just love extras ;) Ultimate fantasy would be for a sexy lady to come into our bedroom, but if im coming to you, he stays at home and just asks for a couple of pics of the events for us to enjoy together when i get home.

It just about the sex and the girls for me although your man certainly will not be left out xxx Female that can forfil your couples needs..sexual, will come play with you, your missus and the pair of you together.

I enjoy spending time with people that make my mind tick, I believe that you can’t have a meaningful physical connection if you do not have an emotional connection.

I am looking to meet people who are open to building relationships, I like to get to know the core of a person and understand what drives them.

Here’s what he’s got to say: A bi, wing woman, experimental that likes group shit, can handle getting tied up, will give me attitude so I have to put her in her place, that'll f...

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