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Meanwhile, i OS and Android-based pro tablets are much less likely than a Windows device to get hacked, but the operating systems limit both the kind of apps you can install and what they can do—although at least Apple has finally added a file manager in i OS 11.

Compared with general-use tablets, pro tablets also often feature upgraded screens and audio systems, but unless you’re feeling spendy, we can’t justify buying a pro tablet just for a better movie-watching experience.

We spent 120 hours over the past year using eight high-end tablets at a desk, on trains, on buses, and on planes to see if we could recommend any of them for in-depth work: tasks such as serious writing and editing, taking extended notes in Evernote, and answering volumes of email at greater length than we’d want to do on a phone.

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The screens on the current 10.5- and 12.9-inch i Pad Pro versions—which build on the 9.7-inch i Pad Pro screen that Display Mate said had the lowest reflectivity in the industry—are great but can still suffer from glare.

And if you’re doing serious media viewing, you’ll likely use headphones or separate speakers instead of a pro tablet’s own speakers.

Instead, we looked for the best representatives of each of the major platforms.

With that goal in mind, we began refining our requirements, starting with the things we like in an everyday tablet: Beyond a high price, heavy weight, poor battery life, and a small screen, dealbreakers included running an older version of Android and—with one exception—not supporting stylus input.

Most people won’t, but there are reasons you might.

One is that you’re frustrated by the challenge of creating and editing complex documents on a general-use touchscreen tablet—you can’t use an instrument more precise than your fingertip to manipulate things on the screen, and the screen may be too small.

Our takeaway is that no single pro tablet is the best for everyone, and a non-pro tablet or an entry-level laptop may be a better fit for many people.

But we can at least clarify what you get—and give up—with each of three major pro tablet platforms: i OS, Windows, and Android.

” TV ad reminds us, these don’t feature touchscreens or the capability to fold the keyboard out of sight.

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