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Save, share and swap with your friends through social media or You Cam Makeup!

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With the success of the core group, PACER would like to help other communities start their own group.

Because skills for theater are the same skills we need for a successful life!

At the bottom end are the most basic point-and-shoot cameras, which are good for portraits and capturing moments at events – such as for a wedding guest book.

At the top end are cameras for those who want to push their photography a bit further with interchangeable lenses that allow you a lot more freedom to take close-ups and wide shots.

The quality of the pictures may not be up there with a digital SLR or the best smartphones but that’s not the point.

For sheer photographic fun, an instant camera is hard to beat.

His idea: to create a program where kids can meet and go out on the weekend to hang out like any other teen.

With PACER’s help, the first Fun Times group was started in 2004 with participants from all over the Metro area.

Fuji is the only company to make instant film on a mass scale these days and it sells three formats: the credit-card-sized Instax Mini (54mm x 86mm), the larger Instax Square (86mm x 72mm) and the Instax Wide (108mm x 86mm), which is closest in size to the original Polaroid format.

The film is relatively expensive, costing from about 50p per shot for the Mini if you buy in bulk, up to more than £2 each for the Impossible Project pictures – a Dutch company that bought the old Polaroid factory along with its patents.

Photo Fun—Effects, Themes, Backgrounds & Text for Photos*Use effects, themes, layouts, frames and backgrounds to make your selfies shine.*Give your photos lighting effects: Light Leak, Scratch, Grunge, and more.*Bring out your wild side with animal filters!

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