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All of our language courses at Sprachcaffe, whether intensive individual lessons or exam prep courses, are designed to combine a cultural holiday with a language learning experience.

The idea is to use your language course to enhance your holiday and your holiday to enhance your language course.

She declined to say what value investors gave Hike in the latest fund-raising round.

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With Hike, I can just close the application and restart and the hidden chats are gone. I can read them whenever I want.” Smartphone apps that allow free messaging and voice calls have become one of the hottest areas of competition among Internet companies as the services eat into wireless carrier revenue from traditional calls and texts.

Hike’s privacy feature helped catapult it past ’s Messenger to the top of the Android download charts in India last month.

Hike’s platform also allows messaging between traditional texting and smartphones, which is building appeal in India, where about 70% of the population still use phones with limited Internet capability, according to Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

While 26-year-old software engineer Saurabh Chawla used Whats App for years to message his friends and family, he recently moved some conversations to Hike to keep them private.

“Most Indian parents want to know what their children are doing with their phones,” said Sahni.

“My parents sit behind me on the couch and look over my shoulder.

So for example, you could use you new ability in French to order some frogs in France, then come back to the classroom the next day and tell your teacher and classmates all about your frog eating experience - in French of course!

This way you are constantly building on and reinforcing your language skills.

Our extensive experience and wide range of language course options, coupled with our student centered ethos and enthusiasm for cultural immersion, help us stand out from other providers of study abroad programmes.

At Sprachcaffe, we believe that cultural and language education go hand-in-hand!

Tokyo-based has almost 500 million users and said second-quarter revenue from its core business more than doubled to 18.2 billion yen (5 million) as it expands globally. But your mom and dad might.” The hidden feature allows users to protect messages via a password and is available for phones that use doesn’t conceal chats.

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