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While in Addis Ababa you can visit Embwa Creamery for American-style ice cream, and those living in Gondar can enjoy a full Ethiopian dining experience with freshly roasted coffee at the 4 Sisters Cafe.

Fishing, mining, and forestry are the leading industries in Ethiopia, offering enterprising expats the chance to enjoy the country's export industry.

I was thus quite disturbed to read a BBC report titled “Ethiopian girls fight child marriages” which essentially covered the visit of members of “The Elders,” described as a group of eminent global leaders brought together by South Africa’s former President Nelson Mandela.

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Most of them are tall and willowy, with sharp noses and large beguiling eyes.

The women—beginning with the flight attendants on the Ethiopian Airlines flight, to the staff and guests at the hotel—move with a grace and self-possession that I can only envy.

An Internet check confirmed that “Addis,” as the city is fondly called, is known as “the political capital of Africa,” since it hosts the African Union among other regional and international organizations.

Driving to my hotel very early Saturday morning, I was quite taken aback to find the Addis Ababa Hilton not smack in the city center as I expected, but rather set amid a tiny village, after a short drive from the airport over what looked like dusty lanes.

“In one case the husband was eight and the supposed wife was seven. * * * “AWARENESS” is a principal factor that those behind the successful programs are counting on to end the “abomination” of child marriage.

One approach is the creation of “girls’ clubs” such as Berhane Hewan, Amharic (the native language of Ethiopia) for “Light for Eve.” In these clubs, young girls learn about issues that, so the report said, “have prepared (them) to resist early marriage: personal health, HIV/AIDS, and the medical complications associated with giving birth at a young age, like fistula.” The last, by the way, is the medical condition when, during the process of childbirth, the tissues separating the birth canal and the rectum are torn.

In fact, the weather is cool and a bit damp, with sudden bursts of rainfall in the afternoon.

Another thing I know about Ethiopia I learned, strangely enough, in Jerusalem on a visit to Israel some years back.

As I write this, I have yet to view Addis outside the walls of the Hilton, which sits amid a garden setting and a small “village” of shops, including a tiny supermarket.

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